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In addition to our courses with invited guest teachers and facilitators, Daphne is a qualified and experienced teacher and trainer in language and communication skills.  Having spent much of her career teaching English and intercultural communication at university, she is a specialist in preparing students for exams or specific purposes and has developed a specialism in English for Medical professionals, having worked for many years with the National Health Service in UK, and Business English where she counts senior business leaders and even presidents among her alumni!
You can sign up for an online or distance course to improve your English for international exam preparation and English for medical purposes as well as a specialist course in communication skills for health professionals working in multicultural contexts. Daphne will guide you through the carefully designed materials.  Each unit includes preparation work, language or skills development focus, homework tasks and reflection and evaluation.
If online is not for you, or you prefer to study intensively, you can choose an immersion course at Koumkinvi, combining a break from your day to day life in the lovely surroundings with intensive study.  You will live with us in our house and study with Daphne 2-5 hours per day, leaving plenty of time for evening conversations, walks along the sunken paths or on to the mountain, and of course delicious freshly prepared food!
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